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Useful stuff for En Garde! players

Here are some reference documents for En Garde! players. You are welcome to download and print out these documents for your personal use.

If there’s anything you use to play En Garde! that other people might like, let us know and we’ll see about making it available here. Or if there’s something you’d like to have, tell us about it. E-mail En Garde! with the details.

  • Character sheet – this is a blank En Garde! character/order sheet (the one at the back of the rulebook): 1 page PDF document, 38k.
  • Tables – these are the main tables you’ll need to use when playing En Garde! (the same tables that are at the back of the rulebook): 4 page PDF document, 75k.
  • Excel character sheet – provided by Dwayne Haken, this is a character sheet template as an Excel spreadsheet (14k).
  • ODS character sheet – devised by Alan Percival, this is a character sheet template in OpenDocument Spreadsheet format (14k).
  • Map of Paris – provided by Paul Lydiate, this shows the quarters and suburbs of 17th century Paris (PDF 126k).

These documents are in PDF format. To read them you will need Adobe Reader, which is available free from Adobe.

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